Do we need better Work Security for IT?

You don’t think of IT jobs to be inherently dangerous but you might be wrong. While there many not be many physical dangers associated with IT jobs there are certainly a lot of mental baggage that a IT worker has to carry. The question is if IT workers need better work security which will cover things such as stress and burnout. Make IT Jobs sick?

What are the mental challenges of an IT job?

While it is true that most IT jobs are not dangerous in an obvious manner they may still affect the mind of many workers. Make IT Jobs sickWe see a rise of mental illnesses and awareness for these problems is on the rise. But which problems encounter IT workers most often?

IT workers are not a stranger to strict deadlines. If a project needs to be finished often people have to work overtime. That obviously generates a lot of stress. Imagine you have to work overtime for a whole week to meet deadlines and this is certainly not rare. This will put the IT workers under a lot of pressure even when they are at home where they should be able to relax. Many have a hard time to disconnect private life from their work life. This is why even at home many IT workers can’t escape the stress and pressure of work.

If you’re under pressure and a lot of stress for a long time there will be noticeable effects on the body and the psyche. People which are under constant stress will sleep less and their attention span will decrease just like their productivity. If these problems are not addressed there is a risk that some IT workers may become mentally ill.

These are risks which effect everyone. The IT worker will be in a constant bad mood and will do worse at work. It is bad for everyone if IT workers are overworked and under too much pressure.

What can be done?

It is obvious that this is a real problem. So the question is: ” What can be done? “. There are solutions to this problem which will benefit the workers and the business owners.

The first thing that can be done is to try and lower the pressure which IT workers have to endure a lot of times. This can be done by hiring more personal which will help the existing workers and thereby make it so that people will have to work less overtime. This will reduce stress and pressure for everyone even the business owner since he doesn’t have to worry about his employees anymore.

But new personal obviously cost money but this money can be saved elsewhere. If the productivity of everyone rises since they are not under too much pressure and stress the employees will be able to do more work and therefore make the firm more money.

There are more solutions but this is the most obvious one. To fix this problem business owners will have to work side by side with their employees to figure out solutions.

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