Artificial intelligence will without a doubt threaten many jobs. Most people assume that manual labor will be affected the most but that is not necessarily the case. Many jobs that most people assumed to be save will most likely be done by artificial intelligence in the future.

Jobs such as lawyer, accountant and even surgeons may no longer need to be done by people in the future. The question is if IT jobs will be affected in a similar manner.

Is artificial intelligence preferable over humans?

The big question you need to ask if you want to know whether AI will replace IT jobs is. ” Will artificial intelligence be more effective than humans? “.

The answer to that is probably yes. That means that most business owners will start to prefer AI over humans since they are providing cheaper labor. The only cost a business owner will have with artificial intelligence is cost of acquiring the machine and the cost of maintaining it. These cost will probably be significantly lower than the cost of a skilled IT worker.

The goal of most businesses is to make as much money as possible and it seems like humans won’t be the best option to reach that goal in the future. Artificial intelligence becomes smarter and smarter. So more people will loose their jobs since artificial intelligence will be able to do them cheaper.

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Are there any exceptions?

There may be some exceptions however. Humans are likely to fill the most important positions because early artificial intelligence will not be as flexible and reliable as a human. Humans will probably continue to do jobs like cybersecurity for a long time.

Since people who work in cyber security need to be very flexible and independent thinkers if a threat is imminent. Early artificial intelligence might not be able to do that.

Other exceptions might be business owners who don’t trust artificial intelligence what will still prefer humans even if they cost more. There will probably be a lot of business owner which won’t replace their workers with artificial intelligence regardless since they care about their employes. This may occur in small businesses but probably not in large ones.

Conclusion for will artificial intelligence threaten IT Jobs

Artificial intelligence will certainly change the world but most people in IT don’t need to fear for their jobs in the near future. Early artificial intelligence will probably not be smart enough to fill vital positions such as cybersecurity. Also there will be a lot of business owners that will prefer hiring humans anyway of artificial intelligence since they distrust artificial intelligence or they care too much about their employees.

However in the more distant future there might be a lot of IT jobs that are threatened by artificial intelligence. The question is: ” When will artificial intelligence be able to do a better job than humans for less money? “.

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