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KA Resources is an international recruitment consultancy specialized in IT with focus on the ERP
systems of Microsoft & SAP, Software Development & Salesforce. We support companies in
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, France, Italy & Spain for over a decade.

Across all industries we support employees in their career to take the next step. Each consultant
is specialized in one technology area and trained continuously to provide high-quality and efficient
career advice in every situation.

We offer exciting positions in IT consulting and development throughout Europe, supporting all
levels of experience, from entry level position to Head of IT. Across all industries we are
supporting companies from start-ups over IT service providers to multilevel companies.

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I would like to personally recommend Mr. Schalau for his professional and personal oriented service since I started my process in Mexico while then and after I arrived to Germany in October 2017, his support and his attentions were always a fact that I will be thankful for life in my professional career. Honestly, encouraging him to be recognized as a good advicer and high talented Head-Hunter. We need more people with his attitude worldwide for sure.

Alan, Candidate

Mrs. Kaiser has been very professional, reliable and helpful at all times. She did not just find a position for me, she gave me the opportunity to make the biggest step of what I believe will be a promising career. I couldn’t have asked for a better person toguide me through the recruitment process! Highly recommended!

Arpad, Cantidate

Mario has been the most helpful, friendly and efficient recruiter I have ever had the pleasure to work with. If he can help, he will.

Christiaan, Cantidate

Ms. Sandermann is an excellent professional, very dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic person. She is empathetic and very good in management with a deep understanding of recruitment and client relationship. Her organizing and negotiation skills with a customer focus are noteworthy. Furthermore, she is very open-minded has outstanding high social competence and deep intercultural competences. All these characteristics make her an absolute benefit for every team. For those reasons and many more, I can highly recommend her.

Gayatri, Candidate

It’s a pleasure to work with Sofia. A great person with considerable human and professional qualities. Always with sunny disposition, I highly recommend Sofia for his recruiter skills.

Cédric, Candidate

As a Dynamics CRM and CE architect I have been solicited by Sofia for several job proposals in the MS CRM sphere of competency. She has always led all the files with accuracy and persistently. On top of that she has shown herself very available and always with a cheery humor that makes it easy to communicate with her. Thus I would most certainly recommend her as a professional recruitment officer for all the qualities stated above. And I also bet that she would easily adapt in making match between any candidate typology and any type of job proposal. Finally I’d like to point out that, unlike many recruiters I have been in touch with, I never felt that Sofia was wasting my time. She has always managed my time and the one of the recruiting companies with a great sense of measure.

Siavash, Candidate

Anja is a very professional recruiter who have consulted me notonly to find the appropriate company but also the place where Iwould have more opportunity for growth. Really appreciate theopen & honest conversations with Anja.

Mostafa, Candidate

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Discretion & flexibility – that is how we connect employees and employers. We adapt to the

individual needs and support exactly where we are needed.

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