How we support you

Our Recruiting Process


We support you in finding your dream job

Our recruiting process aims to help you find the job that aligns with your preferences and aspirations. You can take the first step by sending your application documents to find a position that you are interested in. We will then have an initial conversation in which we will get to know your individual career goals and expectations.

After checking your documents, we will contact the potential new employer and discuss your application. We will then forward your documents.

At the same time, we check which other vacancies within our network correspond to your wishes and clarify with you whether you are interested in an interview.

We are happy to organize the first meeting with your future employer as well as further interviews, which are usually carried out together with the department.

After the successful interview phase, your new employer will usually present you with an employment contract for you to sign.

We support you throughout the entire process and are available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.


Submission of documents

You send us your current CV, including your references and certificates for applying for the advertised position.


Initial interview

First, we have an initial consultation to coordinate your wishes and ideas.

Contacting HR Manager

We will have a conversation with the HR Manager regarding your application.

Personalized introduction

We will forward your application documents to our customer.

Check for further vacancies

We check within our network which other current vacancies correspond to your wishes and ideas.


Introduction to further positions

We will clarify with you whether you are interested in an introduction to other suitable companies.


We organize an initial meeting as well as further interviews, for example with the IT department.

Welcome to your new job!

After the successful interview phase, an employment contract is usually concluded.

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